New Fragrance Alert…and I’m Loving It! Bath and Body Works

Hello loves!

Maybe I’m jumping into this too soon, but then I again I don’t care! Earlier today I decided to finally get out of the of house and ended up going to my usual shopping center close by and stopped into Bath and Body Works. I was SURROUNDED by so many new fragrances and a smile instantly popped up on my introverted face. The smells of fall fill me with so much joy that I almost forgot it was nearly 100 degrees outside. I decided to not get carried away and stick with the buy 2 get 1 special with the 2 being some usual scents of mine however, behold my new baby “Rose”!

img_4812 This scent is amazing and after wearing it for just a few hours, I’m hooked! It’s a mix of rose water (my new obsession), jasmine, and musk…I think it’s a perfect scent for transitioning into Fall without letting go of Summer just yet. Check out the pic, isn’t she cute! Of course I had to take a mental picture of some other items I plan on getting later. You’ll hear about those soon! Until next time!




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