What’s In The Bag?- Ipsy: December 2017

Hello loves!

It’s been a couple of months since I’ve done an Ipsy reveal on my blog. I’ve honestly skipped the past couple of months because there wasn’t any products that caught my eye. However, I decided to join back in this month and got my glam bag from the mail today.

This month’s theme is all about winter (of course) with the hashtag #ipsysnowglobe, inspired by the frost, snow, festivities, and everything else related to winter.


The Bag:

img_3493 The bag itself is simple yet pretty with a bold silver color and sparkling lining, a perfect match for a winter theme.

The Products:

img_3494 This is honestly my first Smashbox lipstick and I was excited to see it was red! It’s has a shine to it (which I normally don’t do with red lip colors), but it’s worth a try.


img_3497 I love sheet masks so I was excited to get two of these. I’m familiar with how charcoal is a natural magnet for the skins impurities, dirt, and oils. I just hope they’re not so messy like the last couple of masks I got before.


img_3496 Ipsy was SO close with this eyebrow pencil (I got Espresso). I usually get one that’s way too light for my skin and brow color. It’s darker but not dark enough for me to achieve a true defined brow. It may work out for my “no makeup” days and give me a nice natural brow though.


img_3498 Lisa Frank instantly reminds me of my childhood and I was pleasantly surprised to see her apart of the products for this month. I received the shade ‘Heartthrob’ and it a really beautiful warm brown color.  The eyeshadow pot is bigger than the standard as well. It will make a great transition shade especially.


img_3495 I love getting new brushes! And Luxie is a favorite of mine. I like how it came in a classic black color versus their usual pink and rose golds. I love shader brushes for applying metallic and shimmer eyeshadows especially.



I mentioned I would keep Ipsy until the end of the year…

The bag was good, but I honestly don’t know if I want to keep up with the subscription much longer. After adjusting my profile several times, I feel like I’m not being heard and most of the products I’ve gotten I could do without. And after shopping around I’ve managed to find other subscriptions with more variety, that are more on trend, and even big companies like Sephora, Target,  and Allure are joining in with their own subscriptions.

Did you get your Glam Bag for the month? Do you like it? Feel free to let me know!

(Photos courtesy of Ipsy)




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