My Updated Wash and Go Routine (Natural Hair)

Hey loves!

Today I’m back to share my updated hair care routine which was desperately needed! I started my natural hair transition in 2012 and although I learned the basics to taking care of my hair, I never took the actual time to learn about my hair itself and put together the proper regimen to treat it until now. I’ve also learned 3 things along the way:

  1. Co-wash over Shampoo

At one point I used to rely solely on shampoo to wash my hair every two weeks. Seems fair right? But although I stuck with shampoos that were sulfate/paraben free (one of the basics lessons of natural hair) my strands would still feel dry from time to time. So now I’ve switched to a weekly co-wash to remove product buildup and only shampoo once a month for deep cleaning. Since doing this my hair has remained a lot more softer and manageable. I co-wash weekly with the As I Am Coconut Cleansing Co-Wash and shampoo monthly with the Cream of Nature Moisture & Shine Shampoo, only lathering once.

2. Daily Conditioner vs. Deep Conditioner– You can do both!

A while back I was discussing my hair routine with my best friend and ended up telling her how I only used a daily conditioner after co washing and she informed me the importance of adding a deep conditioner to my routine each week as well. A daily conditioner can treat your strands at the surface, but adding a deep conditioner (especially with heat) will penetrate your strands from the inside out, making your hair more susceptible to moisture retention, strengthening, and hair growth. So far, so good. My favorite daily conditioner is Aussie Moist along and a mixture of coconut oil with my Carol’s Daughter Almond Milk Hair Mask for a weekly deep condition.

Triva: Did you know that deep conditioning with heat past 30 mins can ultimately make your conditioner less effective?

3. The L.O.C. method is more effective for my hair when it’s WET (not damp).

I used to apply my leave-in conditioner, hair oil, and a styling cream to my hair while it was damp and then wonder why my curls never turned out right. They weren’t as defined and my shrinkage was insane! After watching several hair care routines thanks to good ole YouTube, I noticed some would apply product to their hair while wet and achieving a more defined style. However, this can also depend on how thin or coarse you hair is. I have thicker hair so after trying this myself I saw a huge difference with my wash and go’s. My hair is now more defined and I do not experience as much shrinkage. For my leave in I’ve recently been using the Cream of Nature 7 in 1 leave-in treatment (which I absolutely LOVE), for oil I use the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Hair/Skin Oil, and the Cantu Coconut Curling Cream for styling.

*BONUS* The ‘pineapple method’ is not my friend.

I learned very quickly that this method does not maintain my wash and go’s. By the next morning, my hair is severely flat to the point of no return and I result to keeping my curls on top of my head after all the hard work I’ve put into achieving them in the first place. What does work for me is sectioning my hair in to four sections and putting each one in a small bun. This slowly stretches my curls throughout the week making them nice and fluffy (which I personally like) and the definition of my ends are always protected when they are tucked away in the bun.



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