Operation Glow!

Hello loves!

Summer isn’t too far away and I’ve been determined to put together a regimen to achieve healthier looking skin to make the summertime just a little bit more enjoyable.

I used to think I needed a million products to get good skin when really my results were the complete opposite. I’ve decided to stick with this simple yet effective routine.

Step 1: Water! Water! Water!


To be honest we all know about the importance of drinking water, and as much as I personally don’t like water this step can be rough, but I think about the overall results: clear, hydrated skin. Who doesn’t want that? Plus you feel better on the inside too. Drink up!

Step 2: Exfoliation

The purpose of exfoliation is to buff away old dead skin cells and reveal new fresh looking skin. We develope dead skin cells daily so regularly exfoliating can make a huge difference. My personal favorite for this is using exfoliating gloves:


The perks of these gloves are 1. They are cheap (between .99 to $5 a pair) 2. They can be found at pretty much every drugstore, Target, or Walmart and 3. They last a really long time vs spending money on a body scrub. I typically exfoliate no more than 2-3 times a week so I don’t agitate my skin.

Step 3: Cleaning with natural/gentle soap(s)

It’s always nice to have a luxurious soap or body wash, but some of those just don’t cater to anything other then cleaning the skin. So I decided to switch to a soap that can actually treat and heal my skin. My personal favorite is African black soap:

black soap.jpg

Ok so it’s not the most attractive looking soap, but it’s effective. It’s good for your face and body when it comes to treating acne, scars, blemishes, and oiliness. However, this is a strong soap so I balance it out with a gentle body wash (preferably Dove) every other day to prevent my skin from getting dry.

Step 4: Moisturizing and treating with natural oils

Lotions just did not cut it for me so I decided to try oils instead. There are tons of oils to choose from so you just have to try and see what works best for you. For me I use a mix of Bio Oil and coconut oil:

Bio-Oil contains lavender oil, which is known to have skin conditioning properties & provides a calming & #soothing benefit!:    Image result for pure coconut oil

Both oils help with anti-aging and restoring moisture, but Bio Oil is specifically made to help heal scars, blemishes, and reduce the appearance of stretchmarks while coconut oil helps with renewing skin cells. I try my best to apply this mixture twice a day to get more visible results.

Do you have a skin care regimen you want to achieve? Have any products that help better your skin? Feel free to let me know.


L ❤





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