Review-L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Hello loves!

I’m back (for now) with a new review on a foundation that I’ve literally seen all over YouTube– the new L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation:


What is there to compare and differ with this new foundation?

Just like the pro matte and pro glow foundations, this one is also made to last 24 hrs. However here are a few differences:

  • Natural finish
  • High/full coverage
  • Is made for face AND body
  • Made with Alliagel for an airlight feel

I couldn’t find this foundation anywhere in stores so I took a chance and purchased it online after looking at a few shade charts. I ended up picking the second to last shade in #311 ‘Creme Cafe’ since it appeared to be a good match….

Now let’s be real…

I love L’Oreal products and when it came to the coverage, longevity, and feel of this product it was great! But the shade range is really off. The outer packaging of the tube is misleading and is way darker than the actual foundation. Even though the shade I bought did oxidize a little darker, it still wasn’t a good match unless I did a lot of contouring or bronzing. Also, the shade ranges are too far apart (and this goes for a few L’Oreal foundations). They are either too light or too dark so there’s constant mixing involved. As much as I love my pro matte foundation, I have to buy two shades to create the perfect one for me. There are so many different skin tones and it would be nice for the Infallible line to cater to that.

311 Creme Cafe, the second to last DARKEST shade



  • The coverage is indeed full and seemless (I personally like full coverage)
  • It felt really light on my skin and my skin could breathe
  • I have oily skin, but surprisingly it lasted me all day despite a few touch ups, but being that it has a mousse like texture, I wouldn’t recommend it if you get severely oily
  • I like that it comes in a tube so it makes travel and application easy


  • The appearance of the packaging doesn’t match the shade of the actual foundation and since you can’t test out most drugstore foundations, you’re taking a chance when picking a shade.
  • There’s not a wide shade range
  • (This depends on personal preference) The shade names and numbers have been switched around with this line so they don’t match the other Infallible lines (“Creme Cafe” in Pro Matte isn’t the same as “Creme Cafe” in Total Cover)
  • It also seems like you have to blend this very quickly before it drys or else it can be a little difficult.

Overall, I’ll have to pass on this foundation. Have you tried it yourself? Let me know what you think.



L ❤


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