My Review: Maybelline Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation

Hello loves!

Today I wanted to do a review on new product. I came across the new Dream Velvet Soft-Matte Hydrating Foundation by Maybelline:


(Shades #92 Caramel and #95 Coconut, $9.99 at Target)

First off, one of my favorite drugstore brands is Maybelline so I always get excited when they have something new on the shelves. With that being said I couldn’t wait to try this for myself. Here are the details:

  • This is Maybelline’s 1st hydrating matte foundation
  • Consists of a unique gel-whipped formula
  • Ideal for normal to combination skin
  • Medium coverage
  • Hydration lasts up to 12 hours

The Pros:

  • Very hydrating and comfortable on my skin
  • Provided great coverage
  • Beautiful skin-like finish
  • A little does go a long way

The Cons:

  • I had to mix two shades to get my perfect match (Caramel being too light and Coconut being too dark)

In addition, this foundation dries and settles fast so I had to blend at a good pace (I used my own buffing brush vs. the Maybelline sponge). With me having oily skin this foundation didn’t last up to 12 hours, however being that this is ideal for normal and combination skin, it was expected. I was able to make it work better for myself by applying a mattifying primer beforehand and setting everything into place with a light touch of setting spray. Overall, I really like this foundation. I just wish that I didn’t have to mix two shades to get my match, but since a small amount goes a long way I can get my money’s worth. It looks amazing in pictures too!


(In natural lighting)

Have you tried this foundation? Feel free to comment and let me know!




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