A Break to Come Back

Hello loves!

I realize that I haven’t been consistent on my blog for the last few months. In the beginning, I was having issues with my internet and had no result in the end to fix it other then having to switch to a new service. By the time that was done I became complacent and honestly lacked motivation with one of the things that I really enjoy– makeup. Not only blogging about it, but with also taking time to do my own makeup. At first I was beating myself up over stepping away for a while. “You’re finally taking time to do something that you love for once, so why have you stopped?” I asked myself that question time and again.

Here’s my answer:  I am coming to terms with just how ‘human’ I am. I see now that even with things you thoroughly enjoy there comes a time where you simply burn out and that’s ok, it’s normal. Sometimes we need to take a step back and give ourselves a chance to recharge and remember what it was that got us started with our passions in the first place. To me this is more than just “painting my face”. I see makeup as a form of art and expression. I can go from subtle to glam, girly to dark, or pinup to radiant anytime I want and wash it all away once the day is done. I love the excitement I have on the inside whenever I see a new product in the store, the feeling of accomplishment when I get my winged liner just right, or the confidence I experience when I decide to put on my bold red lip for the day. I felt good…makeup makes me feel good! I missed all of those feelings and I finally felt the motivation to start back up again. With that being said, you all can expect an increase of blogs from reviews to makeup looks and everything in between.

I took my break to come back…so let’s pick up where we left off!






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