Quick Review (ColourPop Ultra Matte Lip)

Hello my loves ❤

So just the other day I posted how I finally got my hands on the new ‘Ultra Matte Lip” liquid lipsticks by ColourPop and I put them to use right away! I tried all of them on and wore LAX all day…here are my thoughts:


From top to bottom: Guess, Trap, LAX, and Be-Dazzled

Packaging: I love how cute and simple the tubes look. The angled brush is easy to work with.

Initial application: This formula goes on really smooth and even for the most part, but I noticed that the darker shades (LAX and Guess) can be just a tiny bit splotchy in the beginning so you may need to apply a quick second coat. There’s no need for a lip liner unless you want to wear one.

Feeling: It’s not exactly moisturizing, but it didn’t make my lips feel dried out or tight either. The formula moved with my lips.

Finish: Of course these have a matte finish, but they dry super fast so if you’re not one to wear liquid lipsticks often you may want to practice a few times or give yourself enough time to apply it. Unless you’re a pro, you can’t rush with this!

Longwear: I wore LAX all day at work and after when I was out with my friend (approx. 12 hours). I can say about 95% of the lipstick stayed the entire time (very impressive). It only faded a little in the center of my lips from eating and drinking which typically happens. And there was no flaking or peeling whatsoever.

Removal: It took more than a makeup wipe to remove this formula. What helped me was applying makeup removing cream to my lips, massaging it in, then getting it off with one of my Cetaphil wipes. My lips were slightly stained, but nothing that was too stubborn to remove.

So overall, I really like these lippies. I’m sort of lazy when it comes to lipsticks so it’s nice to have some that I don’t have to constantly apply all day. The colors are beautiful and a great addition to my growing collection.

Have you tried them yet? Let me know!

Sincerely, L ❤


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