Castor Oil– My favorite beauty regimen!

Hello all,

I’m finally back and wanted to share with you guys my all time favorite product–castor oil!


What is castor oil?

Castor oil comes from the seeds of a castor plant, technically known as Ricinus communis. This plant is mainly based in both Africa and India, but is used worldwide for medicinal, therapeutic, and cosmetic purposes.

This all-purpose oil is FAR removed from the old fashioned home remedies your mom, grandmother, or even great-grandmother used to swear by (thank you Mom for never making take this as a child lol), but today this oil is very beneficial for more than just ailments:


This oil promotes healthy hair growth and strengthening. Use it alone for moisturizing or mix a little with a deep conditioner for a nice hair/scalp treatment. I even put a very tiny amount on my brows whenever I want to grow them out for reshaping. This can also help grow lashes too! However, this oil is extremely thick so use small amounts sparingly.


This oil is great all over for dry and patchy skin. It can also help heal sunburns, acne, and fade scaring (the results do take time so you must use this on a regular basis to see prominent results). Also, this is oil can be used for wrinkles due to it’s ability to stimulate production of the skin’s collagen and elastin. When using this on your face, it’s most effective on fresh, clean skin.

This product can be found in plenty of drugstores and on sites, but’s here a few:

Walgreens – in store or

Natural Girls Rock

The Vitamin Shoppe

Until next time! 🙂



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