Take or Flake? (Product Review-1st Edition)

Hello all!

I’m back with my 1st product review and it’s definitely a goodie!

Pixi Makeup Fixing Mist ($15 USD at Target Stores)

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good finishing spray! It pulls my makeup together, and gives it a more skin-like finish.

After using this mist for almost a month now, I can surely tell you what I think of it. I was shopping around at my local Target (my 2nd home lol) and passed by the Pixi brand in the makeup aisle. I’ve been familiar with Pixi for some time now, being that I’ve received a couple of their products from a monthly beauty subscription I once had. Since I enjoyed those so much, I wanted to see what else they had and this mist caught my attention.

About this product:

  • This mist keeps makeup lasting longer and prevents moving, fading, and settling into into fine lines.
  • It’s infused with rose water and green tea which help to soothe and balance out the skin
  • This mist can be used for 3 purposes– As a smooth base before makeup, as a setting spray to keep makeup in place, and as a touch up throughout the day.


-Cute Packaging

-Lovely scent (you can really smell the rose in this product, but it does go away once it sets)

-The spray cap distributes this product evenly and gently

-Absorbs well into the skin (no sticky or tacky feeling)

-Gives off a great finish before and after makeup application

-I use this product every other day and after a month I still have half a bottle left!

Cons- I couldn’t find any! However, depending on personal preference, the price may seem costly to some.

As for my decision, this is an absolute TAKE! Have you tried this mist before? What are some of your favorite finishing sprays? Let me know!

Until the next blog… 🙂

E-mail me: iamlatetia@gmail.com


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