Foundation! The Basics…


A true makeup lover CAN NOT and WILL NOT go without a good foundation. I mean it’s the foundation to a flawless face (See the wordplay there? Lol) But with tons of brands to choose from it can be overwhelming to find a good fit. Not to mention what we need to consider when looking for a great foundation:

Price- Ranging from $3 to $200 (you read it right), it’s always nice to find a foundation that won’t break the bank.

Quality- More money spent doesn’t always mean great quality and no one wants to be stuck with a bad foundation and wasted funds. As the saying goes ‘All that glitters ain’t gold.’

Undertones- We ALL have this. These are hues that show underneath our skin (categorized as warm, cool, or neutral). If you’re not careful, picking a foundation that doesn’t match your undertone can distort the color of your face…I speak from experience. For further info, check out this link

Coverage- Depending on your skin or maybe just the occasion, you may want either light, medium, or full coverage. For a plus, some light and medium foundations can be built up to a fuller coverage depending on the quality.

Skin type- You always want a foundation that compliments you skin type. So if you’re like me and have oily skin, you want to get a foundation that suits oily skin (this type will help combat oils in the skin and prevent even more oils from developing through the day). The same applies if you have normal or combination skin.

Finish/Longevity- Lastly, you want to consider what type of finish you’re looking for and how long you want your foundation to last. This actually goes hand in hand with skin types– There are matte finished foundations (great for oily skin), semi-matte (good for combination skin), and luminous foundations (these give your skin more of a glow which is suitable for normal or even combination skin as well). The longevity is completely up to you with foundations lasting up to 24 hours.

So off you go my cosmetic friends! Keep these tips in mind and find the foundation that’s best for you!

Coming soon: My 3 Favorite Drugstore Foundations


3 thoughts on “Foundation! The Basics…

    1. Have you tried any foundations with a dewy finish? These can help take it easy on the skin and won’t dry your skin out. Just pair it with your favorite moisturizer and start with a light application. Some good ones I know are Maybelline Fit Me (Dewy) and the L’Oreal True Match Super-Blendable. They should be at your local drugtores or Target. Hope this helps!


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